Increased urbanization and industrialization fuel demand in heat exchanger sector

Increased demand from developing economies and rising industrial growth will be fuelling the growth of heat exchanger equipment market during the coming five years.

Increased consumer awareness about skin care drives growth of sun care products market

Increased consumer awareness regarding the risks associated with exposure of skin to the sun, combined with unwanted tanning, wrinkles and premature ageing are some of the factors that are fuelling the growth of the sunscreen market in Brazil.

Social media: from networking to knowledge hub

Times are changing for the media industry, and they are changing fast. Even in the early part of last century, the main source of mass media was print media – be it newspaper or books.

Trends driving the food and beverage industry in 2015

With the year nearing the halfway mark, foodies can categorize themselves into two categories, ditching their resolution regarding maintenance of healthy diet or a healthier lifestyle for the long haul.

Outsourcing: running out of time or here to stay?

Globalization introduced people to a world where everyone and everything is connected. It changed the way people looked at the world, and communicated with each other.

A brief overview of the global baby oil market

Baby oil is used for massaging babies, which stimulates the production of the feel-good hormone oxytocin and helps in relaxing them.

Committing to take care of our women!

Recently women’s health issues have gained international importance. This momentum especially increased once United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals catered to elimination of gender-based disparities in healthcare and reduction in maternal mortality.

Now, soundbars for those who love their audio effects

A soundbar is a sleek, thin and modern styled audio system that is located directly below the flat panel TV. It helps in improving the audio experience significantly without creating the complexities of setting up entire home theater systems.

No more getting lost in translation, courtesy of machines

Machine translation (MT) is the translation of words by a computer from one language to another. It is one of the major sub-fields of computational linguistics, and deals with statistical or rule-based modeling of natural language.

A brief look at the global circuit breaker and fuse market

The population of the world has been increasing at an alarming rate for quite some time now. While this increase in population is creating different types of problems, several sectors of industry have been profiting from this growth.