Is your organization ready for the new age customers?

No matter what industry you are in, if you are to build a successful business, you cannot do so without having a proper customer service in place.

Evolution of restaurant industry – from fine dining to quick meals

The origin of restaurants can be traced back to around 250 years ago. The story goes that in 1765, Monsieur Boulanger opened a shop to serve ‘restaurants’ or hot meaty stocks, the rapid digestion of which would quickly restore the imbiber.

A brief look at the automotive transmission market

Every day, time is becoming more precious. Every little bit matters, and thus, we are left with trying to find newer ways of saving time.

Trends affecting the furniture retail industry

The overall global furnishing sector has always dominated a significant part of consumer goods industry. Offering a wide range of furnishing fabrics and other accessories, over the past five years, sale of furnishings has witnessed consistent growth.

Voice recognition: technology of the future

Until very recently, the idea of holding conversations with computers seemed like something out of science fiction, but things have changed since then.

Tech talk: new ways of interacting with gadgets

When Tony Stark was expanding and collapsing the universe by moving his arms, swiping away from one computer window to another with the flick of a finger in air, all of us wanted to own computers that could pull off tricks like that.

Rising fuel consumption driving growth of hydrogen generation market

Hydrogen, the lightest element on earth, is in high demand in a number of industries. Some of the major industries in which it is used extensively are chemical processing, petroleum recovery and refining, metal production and fabrication, aerospace, and fuel cells.

Growth before consolidation: Indian economy as envisioned by the Budget 2015-16

The Narendra Modi government presented its second budget plan on Saturday, the 28th of February for the year fiscal year 2015-16.

Learning management system market grows as more companies adopt them to develop skill sets across their workforce

Learning management systems (LMS) are software applications that can be used for planning, delivering, managing and appraising a learning process, be it in the corporate world or in an education ecosystem.

Wood plastic composite helping construction industry to go green

The world is shrinking very fast. The population continues to grow, and space for individuals continues to become scarce. The increased demand for living space has translated into a huge spurt of activity in the field of construction as well as manufacturing of household objects.