Genomics changing the face of healthcare

Disease classification system will be eventually based on genetic evidence rather than symptoms, altering the clinical practice from the routine of diagnosis and treatment to that of prediction and prevention.

Technological advancements changing agriculture industry

When Christopher Columbus came back from America, he brought back from his voyages crops which kick-started the first wave of globalization.

Fire without smoke: a look at the new age tobacco consumption

For many generations, smoking tobacco had been something that was done with an almost ritualistic fervor. A ‘pukka sahib’ would always have his cigar- or in most cases, pipe- after dinner, or while enjoying his leisure.

E-bikes vs. bicycles: Which will fare better in future?

Till now, lawmakers, environmentalists, manufacturers and transportation experts had been focusing their attention on electric cars, with have produced disappointing results till now.

Sweetening it up the artificial way

As our life becomes more hectic, it brings with it a host of problems. In the last decade, there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of lifestyle related diseases.

Airport information system: the ace up the sleeve of the aviation industry

The economic crisis that has been plaguing the world- in particular the countries of the West- has taken its toll on the aviation industry as well.

Smartphones and smartwatches: comrades-in-arms or challengers to the throne?

When the world was about to step into the new millennium, all one could hear anywhere was the impending disaster that would accompany it.

Innovations and new drugs notwithstanding, complete cure for epilepsy still a long way off

Epilepsy is one of the commonest diseases in the world. It is a sort of brain disorder, the symptoms of which can cover a wide range- from benign mild form to life threatening one.

Brushing aside challenges, the conveyor systems market all set to witness further growth

The population of the world is increasing faster than many of its inhabitants would like it to. Leaving aside the problems of population explosion and those associated with it, what it means is an increase in the activities of various large scale industries.

Pirates of the cyber sea: Curse of online storage

Let us the face the fact. We are living in an age where a major portion of our life is spent in the virtual world. As a consequence, there is more data on the cloud than one can possibly imagine.