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Survey of the European fabric fairs for autumn/winter 2015/16

Survey of the European fabric fairs for autumn/winter 2015/16
  • Jan 01, 2015
  • 24 pages
  • Textiles Intelligence
The latest update in this series of reports summarises the trends which were on show at the European fabric fairs for the autumn/winter 2015/16 season. The author of the report visited Milano Unica, Munich Fabric Start, Première Vision and Texworld where she interviewed exhibitors and found out first-hand which trends were proving to be the most popular. Buyers from around the world are looking increasingly to Europe for high quality textiles and are attracted by the technical inventiveness and craftsmanship needed to satisfy global demand. Also, new technical processes are geared to achieving greater environmental sustainability. Many of the fabrics for autumn/winter 2015/16 have a slight stiffness or body to them, allowing them to hold a shape. Many fabrics are being bonded together, or sandwiched, and most fabrics have surface interest or three-dimensional effects.
Table of Contents
Trading conditions
Milano Unica
Munich Fabric Start
Première Vision
Rounded volume and relief
Outerwear: wools and tweeds
Pile fabrics: velvets and furs
Jersey fabrics
Silks and silky types: pattern and print
Shirting fabrics
List of Figures
Figure 1: The Japan Observatory at Milano Unica
Figure 2: Reversible embossed scuba fabric from Inseta
Figure 3: Reversible spacer fabric and laser cut fabric
Figure 4: British fabrics displayed at Première Vision
Figure 5: Faux fur fabric from Girmes
Figure 6: Jersey fabric from Dondi
Figure 7: Sequin enbroidered design displayed at Première Vision
Figure 8: Jacquard with wool weft and lace design displayed at Première Vision
Figure 9: Printed velvet from Mantero
Figure 10: Silk honeycomb fabric from Mantero
Figure 11: Fabrics from Henry Bertrand
Figure 12: Print designs in Ratti’s RCollection
Figure 13: Floral printed shirtings from Testa
Figure 14: Printed shirtings from Ratti
Figure 15: Landscape printed shirting design from Taiana
Figure 16: Flock printed denim shirting from Albiate
List of Tables
Table 1: Leading European fabric fairs for autumn/winter 2015/16 and spring/summer 2016
Companies Covered